Petro token ico launch

Nicolas maduro, the president of venezuela, has said the pre-sale of the countrys proposed cryptocurrency the petro will launch next month. Despite crypto comeback.

Venezuelas petro token launch pre-sale announced.

It also established a cryptocurrency government advisory group called vibe to act as an institutional, political and legal base from which to launch the petro. Ico detailed information, whitepaper, start date, end date, team, token price, roadmap, airdrop and bounty campaigns.

Petro token ico launch

On , maduro announced that venezuela would issue 100 million tokens of the petro, which would put the value of the entire issuance at just over 6 billion. One day after venezuelas oil-backed cryptocurrency was declared illegal, the government of president nicolas maduro announced plans to pre-mine the petro.

Venezuelas petro token launches in pre-sale - coindesk.

Venezuelas government has reportedly launched the pre-sale of its controversial petro cryptocurrency, saying 82. Petro (ptr) ico review ico token news introduction nowadays, adoption of blockchain technology is rapidly growing in the marketplace due to its outstanding benefits of making state finances easier, quicker, transparent and straightforward.

Petro token ico launch

The venezuelan government has officially launched the pre-sale of its petro (ptr) cryptocurrency. Below you can find all the articles with tag petro coin (page 1 of 1 ).

Etc labs accelerator. Concerns are raised over the implications this will have for the crypto market and towards the legality of the tokens.

Petro (ptr) ico review - ico token news.

Venezuelas petro token the countries president nicolas maduro has announced that the pre-sale of the new oil-backed digital coin - petro, will launch in february. Bitcoin max keiser reaffirms.

The petro, as previously covered, is an ethereum-based erc-20 token thats supposedly pegged to the countrys notable oil reserves.

Venezuela launched the pre-sale of the worlds first national cryptocurrency petro (ptr). Product early this morning.