Our authors revain project

North and south korea exchanged gunfire along their heavily guarded border this morning. What is revain (r)?

Revain platform update author rating and notification.

The project competes with the likes of trustpilot, yelp or angies list. Rvn is a stable token that is not a subject to volatility and exist only inside revain platform.

Our authors revain project

Despite the recent slump in crypto price and the onset of a so-called crypto winter, the crypto lending segment is developing even in harsh market conditions. Europe getting its own.

Revain project r token to be listed on the nitrogen p2p.

Product early this morning. Step-by-step guide author of the month (chance to win from 3-300 rvn tokens).

A lot of us that have been in the market for the past year or two have experienced some pretty wild swings, its likely that many of you were a part of the boom that happened in 2017, during that time for me personally, i experienced some pretty major gains but also a decent amount of losses. Revain is a blockchain-based feedback platform which rewards its users for valuable reviews.

Revain is looking for crypto experts among our most passionate community members! Ana alexandre playboy sues.

Revain author of the month competition revain.

Just yesterday some exchange could be one of the best on the market, but today its hacked. Experts is a special status on revain platform which will give its members a lot of benefits such us featuring on the experts rating table, ability to earn more tokens than regular authors and extra product functionality.

Despite crypto comeback. Revain author of the month competition (for revain experts only) 5 most active authors will receive following rewards 1st place - 1000 r 2nd - 600 r 3rd - 400 r 4th - 300 r 5th - 200 r most active author is the one who after one month will get.

Revain platform update author rating and notification center the time-proven wisdom proclaims never do releases on friday.