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Canaans avalonminer 1066 and avalonminer 1047 may not be as powerful and energy efficient as what bitmain is offering, but they are also shipping earlier and at a lower price or so it seems.

Canaan asic miner - crypto mining blog.

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Canaan avalonminer a921 bitcoin asic miner specifications 19, sep 2018 the canaan creative has posted official specifications of their new avalonminer a921 bitcoin asic miner and the device should apparently soon be available for order, though no prices have been announced for the moment.

Canaan avalonminer 1066 - crypto mining blog.

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The top model avalonminer 1066 is offering 50 ths hashrate with 63 jth power efficiency or 3250w of power usage (compared to 73 ths with 40 jth and.).

In a very unusual move, avalon, the company that first introduced asic chips to bitcoin mining has released a new miner to the market.

Canaan avalonminer a921 - crypto mining blog.

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Canaan creative has announced heir second generation 7nm avalonminer asic the a10 that should be capable of delivering 31 ths sha256 hashrate with 1736w of power usage (56 wths energy efficiency).

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