Bitfinex sued over

The south sea company.

Bitfinex sued over 850 mln fraud using tether funds.

Where token recovery is due to a deposit mistake, bitfinex may, in certain limited cases and in its sole discretion, attempt to assist you to recover your token(s) and will charge you fees as determined here.

Bitfinex sued over

6m worth of bitcoin core (btc) addresses, believed to be tied to the 2016 hack of hong kong, virgin islands-registered cryptocurrency exchange bitfinex, were moved on the same day, the new york attorney general also announced theyre suing the exchange over missing funds.

Backers of crypto coin tether sued over market.

An official announcement from the office of the new york (ny) state attorney general has revealed that the responsible authority is carrying out thorough investigations into ifinex, the firm behind stablecoin tether and cryptocurrency exchange bitfinex, in a purported 850 million fraud case.

Bitfinex sued over

According to reports from the block and the wall street journal, bitfinex and stablecoin provider tether are coming under legal pressure from the office of the new york attorney general (nyag).

Study calls centralized crypto.

Bitfinex sued by ny attorney general, 300 hacked bitcoin.

A class action lawsuit was filed today against bitfinex, tether and others in the united states district court in the southern district of new york.

Because tethers owners also own the bitfinex exchange, the suit alleged, they can execute effectively unbacked bitcoin buy orders that dont cost them anything with unbacked tether.

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